Powerful and Effective Communication

Communicating with ease and complete confidence

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Take a close look at the challenges you might encounter in your everyday business life and gain confidence in international communication - even in a language that might not be your mother tongue.

In order for you to make an impression on your international business partners, it is of prime importance that you are able to overcome your inhibitions and articulate yourself with self-confidence. 
In this seminar, you will enhance your competences in international communication. You will practice how to overcome challenges in intercultural communication and how to make a good impression in every situation. By the end of the seminar, you will feel more confident in various communication settings and be prepared to communicate effectively, even in a language that might not be your mother tongue or that of your conversation partner.


Confidence in international communication

  • Gain confidence in communicating in intercultural settings. 
  • Communicate effectively in various situations. 
  • Develop a personal toolbox to be applied in different communication situations. 
  • Create a productive and open-minded work environment by exploiting the full potential of your communication competences.

Conversation and communication skills

  • Challenges in international communication 
  • Typical sources of communication misunderstandings 
  • Small talk: considering the dos and don'ts as well as cultural aspects 
  • Key techniques to keep conversations going 
  • Negotiation techniques 
  • Influencing others without formal authority 
  • Key techniques for asking questions, use of diplomatic language, persuasion skills
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  1. Göttingen 01.04.2019 - 02.04.2019 1460,00 € (1737,40 € incl. VAT)
    Hotel Freizeit In
    Maurice Robert Angres
  2. Unterhaching b. München 04.07.2019 - 05.07.2019 1460,00 € (1737,40 € incl. VAT)
    Holiday Inn München-Unterhaching
    Maurice Robert Angres
  3. Frankfurt am Main 10.10.2019 - 11.10.2019 1460,00 € (1737,40 € incl. VAT)
    Relexa Hotel Frankfurt/Main
    Maurice Robert Angres

Trainer input an individual work

Group and individual work, trainer input and case studies.

Target Group

Professionals of all levels

Managers and professionals from all industries who want to improve their communication skills.


Professional Development Units

The Seminar Powerful and Effective Communication is accredited as follows:
Professional Development Units: 

  • 14 PDUs within the range Leadership