Leading without Formal Authority

Getting things done without being the boss!

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Your success as a leader without hierarchical authority depends on your ability to inspire and mobilise peers and employees outside of your direct reporting lines. Reflect on your personal situation and acquire the essential skills for getting things done without being the boss.

Organisations today are characterised by ever flatter hierarchical structures. Expert groups and project teams need to respond to customer demands swiftly and directly. Thus, leading people outside of one’s formal line of authority as well as being a reliable internal business partner to peers and employees is becoming increasingly important – a very particular challenge.

In this seminar, you will take a close look at your particular situation and realise what it takes to act confidently outside your direct reporting lines. You learn that motivating your peers has a positive impact on their support and commitment to you. In addition, you will be able to deal with difficult situations in a constructive manner.


Gaining confidence in your lateral leadership skills

  • Develop an understanding of your role when leading without formal authority. 
  • Know how to ensure the support needed in order to achieve your goals. 
  • Address objections professionally and handle difficult situations with self-confidence.

Enhance your natural authority

  • Reflecting on your role and personal situation 
  • Leading cooperatively with self-confidence 
  • Motivational factors and their effect on peer support 
  • Convincing communication and negotiation tools 
  • How to reach mutually beneficial agreements 
  • Addressing objections constructively 
  • Dealing with challenging situations
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  1. Göttingen 15.05.2018 - 16.05.2018 1460,00 € (1737,40 € incl. VAT)
    Hotel Freizeit In
    Marc Bayer
  2. Unterhaching b. München 11.09.2018 - 12.09.2018 1460,00 € (1737,40 € incl. VAT)
    Holiday Inn München-Unterhaching
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  3. Frankfurt am Main 04.12.2018 - 05.12.2018 1460,00 € (1737,40 € incl. VAT)
    H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe
    Marc Bayer

Reflection and group work

Trainer input, reflection, individual and group work, role play.

Target Group

Functional leaders

Functional team and group leaders as well as project managers and leaders who want to mobilise employees without having formal authority.



The Seminar Leading without formal authority is accredited as follows:
Professional Development Units:  

  • 14 PDUs within the range Leadership


To implement key learnings in the delegates work practice we suggest an individual 2 hour Transfer-Coaching after the seminar.

Package Price (Seminar and TC)

1810,- Euro exc. VAT
(2153,90 EUR incl. VAT)